DYN AMO - 1972 - color - 120mins

FESTIVALS/AWARDS - Best Foreign Film, Toulon (France); Berlin, Rotterdam (1st, 25th and 35th  ), London, Edinburgh; 5th Seman del Cino de Autor, Spain; Museum of Modern Art, New York; “Freedom presentation”, Lisbon; Voted one of the ten most important films at the Special 30th Anniversary since the end of WWII, International Jury, Brussels. 1975; Marseille, 1996.

Resume :

A tatty strip-club stage, filled with a large satin-covered bed and tinselled drapes. Four girls appear, each in turn performing her act.

'Dyn Amo' is a 'drama' exploring the distinction between a person's self and his projection of that self to others; and it's a 'horror movie' tragically suggesting how a projection can become more substantial than the self behind it. Its subjects are role-playing (especially sexual role-playing), and the masochism of playing a role that conforms to others' exploitative interests. Tony Rayns.

Based on the original stage play, 'Dynamo' by Chris Wilkinson.


Film + Bonus : Memories of Dyn Amo by Pip Chodorov and Gloria Morano. Color, 2006, 18". Interview with Stephen Dwoskin and the producer Maggie Pinhorn.
With a book about Jacqueline Holt's Film (36 pages)

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Dyn Amo