TRY TO KISS THE MOON - 1994 - color - 96mins

FESTIVALS/AWARDS - 24TH Rotterdam Film Festival; Locarno (1995); Pesaro (1995); “La Alternativa”, Barcelona; Viennale (95) Austria; Bilbao Film Festival (96); Special Prize of the Grand Jury, Dunkerque, France; Taormina Arte (98); Infinity Festival, Alba, Italy (02) TV - Channel 4 (UK

Resume :

In this unique approach to the autobiographical film format, director Stephen Dwoskin pieces together home movies shot by his parents in New York City, a video letter recorded during the 1990 Gulf War by filmmaker Robert Kramer, and raw footage filmed by Dwoskin himself. A veteran of the New York independent film scene of the 1960s, Dwoskin constructs a film poem in which the strong sentiment of his personal story–he was stricken by polio and eventually confined to a wheelchair–never overwhelms the beauty of the film’s distinct form.

The Sun And The Moon